Back in the Mad Men era, three martini lunches were a pervasive part of agency culture. Relationships were solidified or broken, pitches were planned and discussed, deals were made or dissolved over martinis. Inviting your biggest prospect out for a few martinis was the way to get your foot in the door.

Today, content is the new martini. We’ve called on famous quotes to shed some light on how you can make it work and provide takeaways you can use now to generate qualified leads. Bonus points if you can name the character who said each quote!

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

Once you’ve got your list of leads, determine what their greatest pain points might be, then look for relevant content from credible sources that answer that particular challenge. Send a link to the content via email or LinkedIn InMail to your lead with a note about why you’re sending it. Maybe you’ve just read that the manufacturing industry is struggling to retain employees. You might send a link to a Forbes or Inc. article that shares insider tips for retaining high-value employees. When a prospect knows you’ve gone out of your way to not only understand their challenges, but try to help them address them, they’ll remember you. And they might look to you for answers to their next pain point.

Key Take Away: Use content to open doors


“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

If you’re working on a blog post, e-book or other type of content, think about which of your connections would be well suited for adding additional insights. Let’s say you sell smart thermostats and are creating a new piece of content: A Smart Guide to Smart Thermostats. Maybe one of your connections is a home builder or property manager. Reach out and ask if they’d be willing to provide a quote or bit of advice. Relationships are built on trust. And when you show a lead that you not only want their knowledge, but trust their expertise, you strengthen that relationship.

Key Take Away: Use content to build relationships


“You have always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

When you come across an interesting blog or social post, share it! But don’t just hit “Retweet” – take the time to add a thoughtful comment about why your followers might want to take the time to read it. When you can add intelligent commentary to someone else’s content, you’ll increase the odds that others will read and share it, too. And that will get noticed by the author of the original post. When they see that you have something to say on the topic, they’ll begin to think of you as someone to watch in that industry. Over time, you’ll build credibility and trust.

Key Take Away: Use other brands’ content to showcase your knowledge


“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Every once in a while, we come across a piece of content that truly moves us. You’ve probably watched a video, read an article, seen a photo or stat that was so powerful you were compelled to comment on it and/or share it with others. Highly emotional content drives people to think, act, feel, or do something they might not otherwise. It can also make us feel connected to people we don’t know, or remind us of something important. When you come across something like this, do more than hit “share” or “retweet” – use it to connect with someone in a personal way. Maybe you have a connection on LinkedIn you haven’t spoken with in a long time, but you read an article that you think that person might really enjoy. Send it to them along with a quick note letting them know you’re thinking of them and thought they might enjoy the content. Don’t forget that at the end of the day, we’re all just people trying to find our way. We’ve all got ambitions, we all face failure and struggle from time to time. The right type of content unites us in a way that little else can.

Key Takeaway: Humanize your lead gen efforts by sharing content that moves you.


“You had me at hello.”

Each time you publish a blog post, create a new e-signature that includes the new title and links to your article.  Every time you send an email to a client, vendor or prospect, choose an e-signature with a topic that coincides with your email or that might be meaningful to the recipient. If, for example, you’re sending a social media proposal to a prospective client, use an e-signature that includes a link to a blog post about social media ROI. It’s just one more way to show your expertise, broaden the reach of your content and get your brand message across.

Key Takeaway: Look for unique ways to share relevant content with the right audience at the right time.

Cutting through the clutter to reach your target audience is more difficult than ever before. Content that’s  relevant, timely, and informative or entertaining is the key to connecting with your audience and building trusted relationships. If you’re struggling to create content that converts, we can help. We put 45+ years of marketing experience and 10+ years of content writing and strategy behind everything we do.

Think you know the character who said each movie line? Share your answers in the comments!


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