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In radio jargon, the term “five by five” affirms that a radioed transmission was received loud and clear. Each was rated 1 to 5 with the first for clearness, and the second for loudness. Whether we’re writing social media ads, managing a brand’s social media presence, or crafting a full-funnel social media strategy, our mission is to ensure that every message is received loud and clear. The 5 BY 5 blog covers insights, news, tips, and trends in social media marketing strategy, management, copywriting and design. Check in on the 5th of each month and join us on LinkedIn + Instagram for of-the-minute updates!

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Posted by Beth Newton | 05 April 2024| Blog
The 5-Part Marketing Strategy for Growth

Marketers are faced with countless options: SEO, SEM, PPC, Organic social, content marketing, paid social, tie-in promotions, email marketing, newsletters, banner ads... but if you're like most marketers your budget doesn't come close to affording you all of these channels. Marketers are never short on ideas or platforms, it's budgets that hold us back. You...

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Posted by Beth Newton | 05 January 2024| Blog
Two Ways to Ensure Your 2024 Marketing Strategy Beats the Odds

More than three in four enterprise content marketers believe content marketing has become more important to their organizations in the past 12 months, according to the most recent Enterprise Content Marketing Report. That said, their chief complaint was that content marketing isn’t strategic enough, leading to ad hoc requests and creating new content for the...

female executive looking at computer screen - executive advocacy
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 November 2023| Blog
Why Your Brand Needs Executive Advocacy in 2024

You’re probably familiar with employee advocacy programs. But what is an executive advocacy, or social media thought leadership, program and how is it different? People prefer to engage with people rather than logos. To wit: The majority (76%) of Adweek survey participants said they’re more likely to trust content shared by individuals over content shared by...

B2B LinkedIn Ads
Posted by Beth Newton | 06 September 2023| Blog
4 Critical Components of B2B LinkedIn Ads

4 Critical Components of B2B LinkedIn Ads Remember Mad Libs? Those pads of paper where you had to fill in the blanks with the correct word type to finish a story were how my brother and I spent five hours in the back seat of my parents’ car driving to Chicago twice a year to...

Social Media Marketing Myths "Barker"
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 June 2023| Blog
8 Social Media Marketing Myths

Social media marketing is a fast-moving target. As soon as you’ve got something figured out, whether it’s a platform’s algorithm, a paid media budget, or strategic hashtags, everything changes. Moving at the speed of social requires staying on top all the changes, tools and innovations constantly hitting the market. That’s tough to do for organizations...

Posted by Beth Newton | 05 May 2023| Blog
4 Ways to Optimize Content for Social Media

Is Your Content Optimized for Your Social Media Audience? A whopping 83% of companies are increasing their content production budgets. The number one reason? The exploding number of formats in which content is needed for social media profiles. The more you can cross over and share budgets, the more you’ll be able to stretch those...

SEO and Search Intent
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 April 2023| Blog
Social Media Marketing at the Intersection of SEO and Search Intent

The Intersection of SEO and Search Intent We’re at the tail-end of a three-month long bathroom remodel, and last week, I performed a Google search for 34” round brushed gold vanity mirrors in an attempt to find some options online. Wayfair’s site is optimized so that these keyword search terms triggered a first page result....