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In radio jargon, the term “five by five” affirms that a radioed transmission was received clear and loud. Each was rated 1 to 5 with the first for clearness, and the second for loudness. Whether we’re writing an e-book or a social post, creating a website or designing a trade show banner, our mission is to ensure that every message is received loud and clear. The 5 BY 5 blog covers insights, news, tips, and trends in marketing strategy, content writing, and social media. Check in on the 5thof each month and follow us on LinkedIn + Twitter + Instagram for updates!

ISO brand ad
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 November 2021| Blog
Indecent Social Media Proposals

Buyers ask a lot of brands these days, don’t they? They're not just feeling the fabric and taking a flyer anymore. No, they're smarter than that. They're well read, and they've done their homework—the internet sees to that. So, if your audience prefers to sit in the driver's seat along their path to purchase, how...

ambidextrous drawing
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 May 2021| Blog
Ambidextrous Marketing at the Digital Edge

In just a few short months, Covid-19 brought about changes that would have taken several more years to accomplish under normal circumstances. In fact, according to a McKinsey survey, companies have accelerated their share of digital products by an incredible seven years. While these leaps in technology will only continue, not everyone is as excited...

resource-crushing social media tactics with bad ideas toggle
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 April 2021| Blog
5 Resource-Crushing Social Media Tactics to Avoid

Random Acts of Kindness? Great. Random Acts of Social? Not so much. Plenty of marketers have spent countless hours on resource-crushing social media tactics without anything to show for it. The analytics might show some activity here and there, but tying those actions back to brand awareness, leads, or loyalty oftentimes proves futile. That’s because...

evergreen growing
Posted by Beth Newton | 09 March 2021| Blog
4 Fresh Content Creation Tips for the Post-Pandemic Landscape

If you’re feeling good about your business right now, you’re not alone. Maybe traffic’s picked up on your website, or you’ve had more calls than normal this month. Maybe you’ve booked more service calls or written more proposals this week than the past few months combined. Spring offers a perfect metaphor for life and business...

solar system circling heart
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 February 2021| Blog
For the Love of Social

In 2011, Cox media group posted a job opening for a Social Monetization Manager. The ad sought a professional with a “blend of digital media savvy, social media knowledge, and first-hand sales experience.” Someone who would “work across the entire organization to support both local sales teams and corporate strategy work." Since then, job postings...

Posted by Beth Newton | 07 January 2021| Blog
6 Common Social Media Mistakes + Simple Tweaks for Stronger ROI

A strong brand presence on social media can have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. Consider that:[1]           91% of consumers visit a brand’s website when they follow them on social.           89% buy from the brand           85% recommend the brand...

check clock with shadow of King
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 December 2020| Blog
Checkmate in 195 seconds: 2 Blog Strategies for 2021

According to a 2020 Content Marketing Benchmark Report, the average time website visitors spend reading a blog post is 3 minutes and 15 seconds. That’s 195 seconds; about enough time for the average person to read 400 words. In 2013, that might have been enough (the average length of a blog post was about 520...

crystal ball with FB and TW logos and data graph
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 November 2020| Blog
The 4 P(rediction)’s of Marketing for 2021

For marketers, 2020 was the year of the pivot. From strategies to objectives and brand messaging to social media ads, brands all over the world were hitting the pause button and rethinking the what, when, where, why and how of every campaign. E-commerce sites exploded, hundreds of live events (including the Summer Olympics) were cancelled,...