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In radio jargon, the term “five by five” affirms that a radioed transmission was received clear and loud. Each was rated 1 to 5 with the first for clearness, and the second for loudness. Whether we’re writing an e-book or a social post, creating a website or designing a trade show banner, our mission is to ensure that every message is received loud and clear. The 5 BY 5 blog covers insights, news, tips, and trends in marketing strategy, content writing, and social media. Check in on the 5thof each month and follow us on LinkedIn + Twitter + Instagram for updates!

man's arm above crowd holding sign "We're Here. Now What?"
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 October 2020| Blog
Permission to Interrupt (aka The Great Unfollowing of 2020)

You probably hear people talking about it, you may see them doing it, you might even start doing it yourself if you haven't already: Unfollowing. Whether it’s political or personal in nature, people are narrowing down their follower and friend lists on social media. Brands aren’t immune. Consumers can unfollow a brand’s social profile faster...

6 social media marketer profile images
Posted by Beth Newton | 07 September 2020| Blog
Social Media’s Cast of Revenue-Generating Characters

Purchases from social channel referrals grew 104% in Q2 of this year, proving that social media has a quantifiable impact on commerce. Social media is no longer a role on the marketing team; it is the marketing team. That is, it's the main medium for building your brand, engaging prospects, communicating with customers, and even selling products...

Fast food burger box "fresh content now with empathy"
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 August 2020| Blog
Content Quick-Serve and the COVID-19 Wake-Up Call

COVID-19 caused thousands of companies to pause their social media engagement and give serious thought to how to behave in the midst of a global crisis. And it got a lot of marketers talking about how to create content that leads with empathy and acknowledges our shared challenges and fears. There was a global call...

y=roi equation on chalkboard
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 July 2020| Blog
When X ≠ ROI, Solve for Y

You’ve probably heard some version of the saying “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Even when we know things aren’t working, change can be paralyzing. Here are 5 typical marketing tactics that can be difficult to master, and alternatives that can give your brand the boost it needs....

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Posted by Beth Newton | 05 June 2020| Blog
5 Creative Uses for Online Reviews

Review sites see a 200% higher conversion rate on average than paid ads. They also play an important role in the buyer’s journey. In fact, online reviews impact purchase decisions for more than 90% of consumers and B2B buyers.  Not only do customer reviews build trust, but they can drive leads and revenue. Remember testimonial...

On Your Marketing
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 May 2020| Blog
5 Free Marketing Tactics to Give Your Brand a Head-Start

Experts are mixed on what type of recession the pandemic will cause and how long it will last. The true impact remains to be seen, but If history can teach us anything, it’s that consumers will be ready to get back to ‘normal’ as soon as it’s deemed safe to do so. And that will...

recalculating... train tracks
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 April 2020| Blog
5 Tips for Stronger Paid Social Results

As a business leader, you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. You’re likely dealing with the added stress of keeping your customers and employees safe, appropriately communicating with your audience and a potential loss of revenue. Wouldn’t it be better to pause your social ads until this crisis is over? Business as usual...

man on laptop with social logos
Posted by Beth Newton | 24 March 2020| Blog
5 Tips for Managing Social Media During a Crisis

Social media connects people, especially during times of crisis. It’s a critical tool for communities to find and share information and communicate with one another. When we are forced to disconnect physically, social connections become that much more important. But for brands, especially small businesses and start-ups handling social media themselves, this can be tricky....