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The LinkedIn platform doesn’t have a “buy now” button. The cost of services is too high. The decision-making process is too long. The number of people on the buying committees is too great. And if you push bottom-funnel messaging too soon, your prospects are more likely to say “bye, now.”

If you’re a marketing or sales leader and you’re leveraging LinkedIn solely for leads, you will be disappointed. I’ve seen it time and time again. If you want to focus on one-time sales, LinkedIn is not for you. Sorry LinkedIn. Sorry B2B companies. You can find the 5% of people sitting at the bottom of your sales funnel on Google. Spend your money there. (You’re welcome, Google).

But if you want buyers to remember you? If you want them to think of your brand first when the need does arise? If you want people to mention your brand when asked for a recommendation? LinkedIn is your platform. Consider these powerful stats:

  • Audiences exposed to brand messages on LinkedIn are 6X more likely to convert.[2]
  • 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make buying decisions.[3]
  • 41% of execs have invited an organization to submit a proposal after seeing their thought leadership.[4]

Today’s buyers don’t reach out to sales until they’ve done extensive research, comparing products and solutions, reading reviews, and having a strong grasp of their needs and budget. This is how your brand can stand out, attract the attention of your most prized prospects and audiences and build a loyal customer base.

The good news is that people will follow your company page if they genuinely enjoy your content. That makes your LinkedIn company page an important component of your digital marketing strategy. Here are 5 pro tips that can help you make the most of it.

LinkedIn Company Page Pro Tip #1: Remember Who You Are

It’s a common social media tip: stay on brand. But do you truly know what that means and how to follow it? Sure, if you’re a professional organization or a higher ed institution, you’re probably not going to crack wise or pepper your posts with double negatives. But can you take your brand image a step further? The ultimate test, according to our Chief Creative Officer, Aaron, is this: if you remove your company name and logo completely, will your audience still know it’s from you? Here’s a great example from Microsoft:

Microsoft branding exampleLinkedIn Company Page Pro Tip #2: Words Matter

Let’s stick with Microsoft – I’m impressed with their content lately and they provide some fantastic examples! This one is proof that not every post has to include a compelling image or engaging video:

Microsoft LinkedIn post with no image

Know your audience, keep it simple and remember…

LinkedIn Company Page Pro Tip #3: Engagement is the Name of the Game

If you ask a question, recognize those who answer it by responding. Not just with a “like” but with a comment. Organic content typically generates more than 3X the engagements of paid content. Here are just a couple of engagements from that same Microsoft post in pro tip #2:

Microsoft LinkedIn post engagement

Rather than ask your team to share your company page posts, ask them to comment on it and tag people they know who might find it interesting or helpful instead. The goal is to keep the conversation going on the original post.

At the same time, empower your executive team to share your brand’s content by posting it on their LinkedIn profile with their own perspective. If you (or they) could use help with what to say and how to say it, read this article.

LinkedIn Company Page Pro Tip #4: Put Your Money Where Your (Virtual) Mouth Is

Organic content is still important—it’s how you engage with your audience, build credibility, and create trust. But without a paid media strategy, your content’s reach will be much smaller and you’ll have a hard time building your audience. That said, your paid content will show up in your followers’ feeds so be sure it doesn’t look like an advertisement. While your paid posts will say that they’re sponsored, you don’t want to change your messaging or tone. Here are a few examples from recent client campaigns that show how a small paid media budget can amplify your results:

Customer Story Example No. 1

In 12 weeks, one of our tech clients generated an additional 671.5k impressions, 4.1k engagements, 828 conversions and 21 MQLs with a budget of less than $6k/month.

alpha BRAVO customer story results

Customer Story Example No. 2

During a 3-week campaign this past fall, our professional services client generated 853 impressions and 19 clicks on a single content asset. With a budget of less than $800, that same asset generated an additional 45.4k impressions and 395 clicks.

LinkedIn Company Page Pro Tip #5: Lead them to you

When creating content for your company profile flip the narrative to lead your audience to—not with—your brand. Pop quiz: How many of your company page posts start with any of the following:

  • [your brand name]
  • We
  • Our

Those posts are leading with your brand. Flip ‘em!

Customer Story Example No. 3

In Q2 of 2022, we took over social media strategy and copywriting for a global tech company. We flipped their copy, cut the number of published posts by nearly one third….

aB Customer Story Results

… increasing impressions by more than 60% and engagements by nearly 50%.

aB Customer story results

Work smarter, not harder!

If you’re like me, you’ve been the victim of someone who sends you a connection request with a nice note about how you’re in the same industry, they want to see your content in their feed, etc.  But then as soon as you accept, you’re hit with a sales email about how they can help you overcome challenges, find more customers, close deals, increase revenue, simplify processes, and so on.

That’s a funnel shortcut.

That’s proposing on the first date. And it’s a no-no because it’s rude and it doesn’t work. You’ve got to woo your prospects. Want to learn how? Read: A Dating Guide for Brands

Remember: Audiences exposed to brand messages on LinkedIn are 6X more likely to convert.[2]

Your audience will “buy now” when they’re ready. If you push the messaging too soon, they’re more likely to say “bye, now.” Your LinkedIn Company page is critical to your brand’s long-term success. Learn how to optimize and automate it with our OPTIMATE consulting package. Email me with subject line “OPTIMATE” at [email protected]








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