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In radio jargon, the term “five by five” affirms that a radioed transmission was received loud and clear. Each was rated 1 to 5 with the first for clearness, and the second for loudness. Whether we’re writing social media ads, managing a brand’s social media presence, or crafting a full-funnel social media strategy, our mission is to ensure that every message is received loud and clear. The 5 BY 5 blog covers insights, news, tips, and trends in social media marketing strategy, management, copywriting and design. Check in on the 5th of each month and join us on LinkedIn + Instagram for of-the-minute updates!

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Posted by Beth Newton | 05 January 2020| Blog
Reputation Management: 5 Steps to Growing Your Business and Your Bottom Line

Your brand's reputation is being decided by your customers, and their impressions are made up of everything they see and hear, from the 5-star reviews on Yelp! to the way you responded to that poor review on Google. Your audience is watching how you interact with followers on Facebook, what content you share on Instagram...

Posted by Beth Newton | 05 December 2019| Blog
The Art of Client Service

Somewhere between my first job in marketing (at Anheuser Busch Advertising Services) and my last Account Service position (VP, Promotions and Events), I came across an 8x10 white sheet of paper titled “The Art of Client Service.” What followed was a list of “58 things every advertising and marketing professional should know.” I hung it...

Posted by Beth Newton | 05 November 2019| Blog
Why Data is the Hero of Your Brand’s Story

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” – W. Edwards Deming Business success relies on data these days, and it’s no wonder: There are more than 40 trillion gigabytes of it, according to an IDC study. Fortune 500 companies use data to drive every aspect of business from operations to marketing, but for many brands –...

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Posted by Beth Newton | 05 October 2019| Blog
5 Steps to Creating Curate-worthy Content

Content curation is continuing to rise among Fortune 500 brands, and understandably so; companies that include a balanced mix of created and curated content on their social media profiles see a 10X higher conversion rate than those that don’t. Beyond conversions, curating valuable content from credible sources also helps to position company executives and employees...

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Posted by Beth Newton | 12 September 2019| Blog
On Why Solutions Aren’t Always the Answer

What's your first instinct when someone comes to you with a problem? A recent Marketing Week article suggests that our natural inclination is to suggest a solution - maybe several - until one sticks. I had this discussion with my husband/business partner just the other day. We were discussing the fact that when I bring...

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Posted by Beth Newton | 05 August 2019| Blog
Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Content Curation (+ 5 Rules for Success)

Content curation is going to explode onto the SMB scene in the next 12-18 months. How do we know this? Because global Fortune 500 brands are finding huge success with it right now. Marketing trends typically start with global brands and can take six months to two years to reach smaller brands (not unlike the...

How to write an ebook
Posted by Beth Newton | 05 July 2019| Blog
5 Steps to Writing Your First (Good) E-book

You know you need content, but that’s like knowing you need to file your business taxes—easier said than done. Writing an e-book can be a daunting process. How do you know the topic will resonate with your audience? How will you find enough information to fill an entire e-book? Damn it, Jim, you’re a CEO,...

Posted by Beth Newton | 05 June 2019| Blog
50 Unique Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

There are countless online articles that offer tips for social media marketing. But rather than curating our favorites, we decided to share our own findings. We built our Social Command Studio on the notes we've been taking of our successes and failures for the past 10 years. These are our most helpful social media tips...

Posted by Beth Newton | 06 May 2019| Blog
5 Marketing Pillars of Big League Brands

The way to grow your small business is to think like a Fortune 500 enterprise. Small businesses across the country—like those listed in this recent Forbes article — are making big impacts by following the marketing secrets of much larger brands. I’ve been working with and learning from some of the world’s most powerful brands since...